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FT4000 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine

The FT4000 SWIFTPAC Gas Turbine package is available in both single- and twin-engine configurations, which offer greater than 41 percent simple-cycle efficiency and a nominal 60 to 140 megawatts of power within a modular design that is built utilizing over fifty years of aero-derivative design and packaging experience. Utilizing the core technology derived from the proven Pratt & Whitney® PW4000™ turbofan engines, the all-new SWIFTPAC® gas turbine packages are designed to provide reliable peaking and base-load power with a relatively compact footprint. This is accomplished by coupling either one or two FT4000® engines to one electric generator. The modular design includes proven features of the successful FT8® SWIFTPAC® and MOBILEPAC® gas turbine package designs.


  • One (1) aero-derivative engine (60-70 MW) or two (2) aero-derivative engines (120-140 MW)
  • Single- or dual-engine configuration
  • Modular design
  • Maximum factory assembly
  • Optimized shipping sizes
  • Proven industrial components
  • Integrated ancillary systems
  • Control enclosure with power distribution
  • Prefabricated field piping
  • Interconnecting quick-disconnect cables
  • Standard option packages


  • Reduced transportation time and cost
  • Limited on-site inventory
  • Minimal installation time
  • Efficient commissioning
  • Low installed cost – high overall value
  • Operating flexibility
  • High part-load efficiency
  • <10-minute start-up time
  • Quick engine changeout
  • Design flexibility to meet customer needs


  • 140 MW nominal output in twin-engine configuration
  • Wet compression for improved performance above ISO conditions
  • Highest power output by any aero-derivative GT package
  • Single- or dual-engine operation
  • 50- or 60-Hz performance with no penalty
  • >41% thermal efficiency without external cooling


GT Enclosure Assembly (One (1) per aero-derivative engine|)

  • Gas generator, GG4000-1
  • Power turbine, PT4000-1
  • Exhaust diffuser and collector box
  • Diaphragm-type coupling
  • Engine base
  • Structural base frame with drip pan
  • Acoustic/weather enclosure
  • Combustion air inlet plenum
  • Engine removal system
  • Fuel control module
  • Ignition system
  • Synthetic lube oil system
  • Hydraulic start system
  • Hydraulic control oil system
  • Bleed air system
  • Buffer air system
  • Ventilation air system
  • Off-line water wash system
  • Vent and drain system
  • Fire protection system

Fuel System Configurations

  • Gas fuel
  • Liquid fuel
  • Dual fuel
  • Water injection NOx control

Electric Generator Assembly (One (1) per package)

  • Open-ventilated, air-cooled generator
  • Brushless excitation system
  • Lineside cubicle
  • Neutral cubicle
  • Rotor ground detection system
  • Acoustic/weather enclosure
  • Inlet and exhaust cooling air silencers
  • Generator instrumentation

Control Enclosure (One (1) per package)

  • Turbine control cabinets
  • Gas turbine digital control system
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Multifunction protection relays
  • Motor control centers
  • Auxiliary power distribution
  • Fire protection cabinet

Major Field Assemblies

  • Inlet filter houses, two-stage
  • Combustion and ventilation air inlet silencers
  • Ventilation air exhaust silencer
  • Prefabricated field piping
  • Quick-disconnect electrical cables
  • Modular cable tray system

Auxiliary Skid Assemblies

  • Mineral-oil-lubricating oil skid
  • Gas fuel filter skids
  • Liquid fuel boost pump skids
  • Water injection boost pump skids
  • Battery skid
  • Fire suppression skids
  • Water wash pump cart

Standard Options

  • Air-cooled heat exchangers
  • Evaporative cooler system
  • Inlet fogging system
  • Wet compression system
  • Modular exhaust stacks
  • Reduced far-field noise
  • Fire suppression: Electric generator enclosure, power control enclosure, gas turbine enclosure
  • 15 kV generator breaker
  • Auxilliary transformer

Available Services

  • Permitting support
  • Balance of plant (BOP) engineering and procurement
  • Installation technical support
  • Construction management and labor
  • Operation and maintenanc