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LM2500 Gas Turbine

Derived from the CF6 family of aircraft engines used on wide body jet liners, the LM2500 family is a hot-end drive, two-shaft gas generator with free power turbine. Thermal efficiencies are from 34% to 40%.

  • Baseload Power Capabilities of 18 - 32 MW ISO
  • Unsurpassed Reliability – Exceeding 99%
  • Three Models with a High Degree of Parts Commonality


  • Maintaining a high degree of commonality with its flight-tested forerunners, the LM2500 family continues to build its reputation as the most reliable industrial gas turbine generator in its class.
  • 40 Million Operating Hours
  • More than 2,000 units
  • End-users : Mechanical Drive and Power Generation for Industrial Plants, Pipelines, Platforms and Marine Ships
  • Configurations : Simple-cycle, Cogeneration and Combined-Cycle

GE Aero Energy offers three models in the LM2500 family of products :

  • LM2500+
    • Providing More Than 30 MW ISO
    • Power Generation, Marine and Mechanical Drive Applications
    • Available in a 6-stage or 2-stage Power Turbine Configuration
  • LM2500
    • Produces in Excess of 22 MW ISO
    • Operates at 3000 or 3600 rpm Without a Gearbox
    • Optional Steam Injection (STIG) for Power Enhancement
  • LM2000
    • Capable of 18 MW ISO
    • Extended Maintenance Intervals